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Clara Gluten-Free Water Is Artisanally Crafted To Give You Little Moments Of Zen Throughout The Day. As You Travel From Divine Yoga To Soccer Practice And Meditation Before Tantric Coupling, Clara Water Will Hydrate You With Liquid Positivity.

Imagine a world of clear, drinkable, lifestyle-oriented water with no limits on your taste. Clara is for those of us that demand more out of water, that declare a desire for symbiosis between Earth and Soul.

Born into a wealthy family in the year 1194, St. Clare of Assisi rebelled to become a lifestyle oriented nun following a righteous path of her own choosing. Her righteous path led her to unparalleled piety and self-control. Clara Gluten Free Water offers its lifestyle oriented clients the opportunity to live a life of clarity and purity - in the same spirit as one of history’s most venerated saints.

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